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A Day In The Life of an Executive Coach and Founder of Cloud Nine Living – A Day in the Life

Jordan Gross

Executive Coach and Founder, Cloud Nine Living

A Day In The Life of an Executive Coach and Founder of Cloud Nine Living

Jordan Gross
  • Jordan guides people to their Cloud Nine lives by helping them discover their true passions and purpose. By designing a creative, intensive, and FUN 9-step process, he has guided startup founders as well as employees at Google and Amazon in overcoming uncertainty and discovering what it truly is that brings them meaning and fulfillment.


  • Jordan began the Journey to Cloud Nine Living, where he shares people’s videos of people sharing their “Cloud Nine Moments” and guides people to their Cloud Nine lives by helping them discover their true passions and purpose.

  • After Jordan Gross graduated from Northeastern University, he felt compelled to make more of an impact on people’s lives. He became a certified executive coach and publishing a best-selling author of a book called Getting COMFY: Your Morning Guide to Daily Happiness.

  • Today on the agenda, Jordan had to prepare for his upcoming TEDx Talk, connect with some potential clients and juggle his social media strategy.



Woke up at 5:30 AM

Starting off early, Jordan’s morning routine is literally the ignition that starts his day and nothing is left unintentional. In fact, developing a strong morning routine was also the ignition that started his entrepreneurial life in the first place.

He wrote a book about morning routines called Getting COMFY: Your Morning Guide to Daily Happiness, and it’s spring-boarded his immersion into the world of personal growth and development.

COMFY is an acronym. It stands for Calm, Openness, Movement, Funny, and YOU.

C – Completed a 2 minutes deep breathing

O – Wrote 3 gratitude

M – Went for a walk

F – Watched an Ellen video

Y – Wrote a LinkedIn post

Jordan’s morning routine is dedicated to things he wants to do rather than things he has to do. It helps him understand that he controls his day and life!

Left for work at 5:56 AM

Jordan left the house for an early morning jog.

Arrived to work at 5:59 AM

On this day, Jordan’s first workplace was Blink Fitness, where, in keeping with the spirits of helping coaching people, he works as a personal trainer.

Jordan loves adding value to other people, so he starts his day by guiding others to their fitness goals. He has 5 clients, and they work on strength and conditioning. But yes, this is also a time where he gets to incorporate and practice his positive psychology and mindset coaching!

8:30 AM

After training, the man had to EAT!

Nutrition is a huge part of his day. He ate a few egg whites, vegetables, and a protein shake for breakfast. Eating healthy keeps him in a great mindset and gives him the energy he needs for the rest of the day.

9:00 AM

On this morning, and most mornings, Jordan’s focus is on LinkedIn. It’s his favorite social media platform, and as you may know, a crowd favorite among the editors at xADITL!

He breaks down his focus into a few different categories: content creation, engagement, new connections, messages. Jordan took this time to write one post which only took about 15 minutes. Currently he’s posting mostly about helping guide people on their journey to their Cloud Nine Life.

The rest of the time, is focused on engagement. LinkedIn content is all about other people, interacting with, learning and connecting with others. This is exactly why Jordan loves this platform.

10:00 AM

It can be lonely working for yourself. So Jordan makes it a point to not only network with like minded individuals online, but also translate those relationships into real life. He met with another career coach for coffee near Bryant Park in NYC, and discussed business strategy, ideas, techniques, challenges, and how they could help each other moving forward.


11:00 AM

So on this day, Jordan needed to continue his practice for a TEDx Talk he was scheduled to give at Clinton Middle School in NY. You can watch the full video below of his talk.

How does one become a TEDx speaker? Jordan landed this speaking engagement simply by networking on LinkedIn. He researched the organizers of the events in his predetermined geographical radius, and simply reached out to begin conversations with them. After a few attempts, he found an event and organizer who aligned well with his message. The rest is history!

But what was Jordan’s practice routine like? Well after he outlined and scripted his talk, he would spend countless hours reciting his message. Seems simple, right? Well he also recorded his practice sessions. And on top of that, he would play back his recording and listen to himself give the speech, over and over and over and over again. He said it got a little weird… but that’s what he had to do to deliver a successful TEDx Talk.

12:00 PM

Whether it’s a Medium article, LinkedIn article, a speech or just a creative piece, Jordan tries hard to write every day.

On this day he was tasked with writing a keynote speech that he will be giving to the National Honor Society Induction Ceremony at the high school he attended. He tries to never forget where he came from and who  believed in him along the way, therefore, he always is looking to give back by adding value where and when he can!

1:00 PM

Back to the gym?!!

Jordan headed back to the gym. He sees this as a break and a time to recharge so he doesn’t have any mid-day lulls.

3:00 PM

To kick off the afternoon, Jordan had a call with a developer who is creating the cloud nine website. They discussed formatting, content and the overall vision. This website will be a place where people can go in order to understand how to interpret and attain a cloud nine moment, day, and life.

4:00 PM

The dedication to LinkedIn is REAL. After the call, Jordan took another hour to focus on LinkedIn. This mirrors exactly what he did in the morning.

But LinkedIn is important for Jordan (and many others). It’s not only the platform where he can share his content and learn from others, but it’s the platform that directly leads to him attaining clients for his coaching business.

5:00 PM

Directly from LinkedIn, Jordan had a scheduled discovery call with a prospective client.The client wanted to get more meaning out of life. This call is not about answering the question: “how do I do it?” Rather, this 1-hour call was more about getting to know each other and understanding if the person would be a good fit for Jordan’s coaching services.

He asked questions about what pains her, what her dream, cloud nine life looks like, and how meaningful work will help her get there. All in all, each call is not going to turn into a client. In reality, Jordan only works with two or three clients at a time. But there’s virtually no way of understanding how and if Jordan can help, if there isn’t an initial call to discuss one of these deeper topics.


6:00 PM

He scheduled time for miscellaneous tasks.

This included:

  • email outreach to podcast hosts (He’s going on a 90 day podcast tour)
  • scheduling cloud nine interviews where he asks people about their cloud nine days, weeks, and lives
  • pitching his cloud nine manuscript to literary agents

8:00 PM

To cap off a day of work. Jordan played volleyball for an intramural team. He does this twice per week.

9:30 PM

End of the day meant relaxing and watching TV.

Fell asleep at 10:30 PM

Experience & Advice

How did you get your current job?

Jordan quit his corporate job to go on a personal journey to find meaning, purpose and fulfillment. That journey started when he published his first book:  It started with the first book, Getting COMFY: Your Morning Guide to Daily Happiness. 

One November day in New York City, Jordan was in an Uber driving down the East River when he saw a boat named “Cloud Nine.” Being the sociable person that he is, Jordan asked his driver, “What does cloud 9 mean to you?” 

The driver then told Jordan about all of his happiest memories. Stories from his marriage, his kids’ birth, coming to America, and returning to his home country. From these stories, Jordan had the realization that there was “something there!” We are all living and have these transformative, “Cloud Nine” experiences that we have to ensure that we’re coming from this place of bliss.

From there, the first thing he did was write a fiction manuscript for a book that’d be called The Journey to Cloud Nine. He then felt inspired to do some more formal research and began interviewing dozens and dozens of people about how they achieved a Cloud Nine morning, or life or moment in life. He saw a patter that it all had to do with finding meaning and purpose.  After coming to that conclusion, he developed a framework and methodology to help people find their meaning and purpose in life and ultimately understand what “lights them up!”


What were your first career goals and how have those goals evolved over time?

Jordan described his past self as someone who was always by the books and always just checking boxes. He did always have a voice in his head that encouraged him to stand out and do something different!

His initial career goals were  investment banking but after an internship he realized he didn’t love it that much. Then he took an internship in consulting and he liked that a lot better, however he wasn’t able to land a full time consulting job. 

His interests in consulting lead to an interest in management, so he did some soul searching and enrolled in a Management Studies Masters Program and entered the restaurant management world. But his restaurant experience was cut short when he realized he wasn’t able to bring as much innovation to the group’s business model as he anticipated. 

Simply put, Jordan’s career goals at first were based on society’s definition of success; money, power and prestige. Now his career goals have don’t have much to do with money or any of that at all. 

Jordan wants his legacy to be based on impact and make people think and act differently. His goals now are based on the changes he can make in the world by changing the way people think for the better. 

What was the most impactful experience of your career?

Jordan was about 4 months into his job in restaurant management. It was a normal night and it was time for the restaurant to close. Suddenly, he realized he locked himself out of the restaurant office. The only place he needed to be at the time, was the only place he couldn’t get into. 

So he was sitting on the restaurant floor at 5 o’clock in the morning, and started watching TEDx Talks about things like “lollipop moments” and “your impact on the world.” 

As he watched, he couldn’t help to reflect on his own life and just said “What the heck am I doing here?”

Jordan sat outside of the locked off and thought about what he wanted to do and what his future would be if he continued down his current path. He was not too happy about his thoughts. So, it was that  moment that he decided he needed to re-evaluate. He needed to consider all of his experiences, including this one, and determine what positive things he can take and use from each one. 

What is your advice those who aspire to be like you?

One of his biggest mentality and mindsets is that he fears the “What if” more that he fears the “What.” His greatest fear in life is that on his last on this earth the person he would meet the person he could have become.  It terrifies him to be average and miss out on opportunities because he was too focused on being safe. It’s all about not being afraid to dive in and do something then learn from the experience rather than let it sit at the back of your head and simmer.

How do you define your best work?

Jordan’s best work is anything that’s going to evoke an emotion from another person. It used to just be, that he wanted to make one person smile everyday. Now, he doesn’t just want to make you smile but also make you think, confuse you, make you laugh, make you cry. His ultimate goal is for people to achieve happiness. Even in studying happiness, even hearing happy moments from people all day long and being happy in the majority of the day, he truly believes that we need to experience the full range of emotion in order for our happy moments to shine brighter.

What would you tell your 18 year old self today?

He would advise against choosing a major in Economics.  Aside from that, he would say you don’t need to know what you wanna do at 18 but be a little bit more intentional about figuring out at least what you want to do.

“I wish at 18, I said, I’m going to really re-evaluate  the person that I wanna be and I’m going to experience these different life events through internships, through classes and be more deliberate about what I like from each experience. It’s really just about developing self awareness at a young age.”

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