You know how awesome it is to work
a day in the life at your company.

But your next hire doesn't.

"The new way to share your employer brand!"

Why We're Here

Through the wins and loses, the good and bad… and the ugly, you and your company still do amazing things day in and day out. 

We get candidates excited about working for your company by sharing the stories of the employees who make it all happen!

What We're Doing

We’re using the ADITL (a day in the life) framework to create podcasts, articles and videos that give candidates an inside look at your company’s people and culture. 

Essentially, we’re letting job seekers “experience a day in the life” on the job before even applying. 

How We Do It


You might have your employer brand locked and loaded… or not. Regardless of your branding situation, we’ll kick things off by working with you to create your company profile that highlights your company’s:

  • Employer Value Proposition (EVP)
  • Unique Culture and Workplace
  • Job Opening and Hiring Goals
  • Employees


Depending on your hiring and branding needs, we’ll create employee ADITL Profiles by identifying the key people at your company and guiding them through our interview process for podcast episodes, written articles or videos. 


In addition to providing extremely valuable and informative content for potential candidates and job seekers, our proven ADITL Interview process, will enable your people to boast about how awesome it is to work a day in the life at your company. 

From there, our team will get to work crafting each individual story and ADITL Profile.

Share & Hire

Let’s give traditional job boards a run for their money! Say goodbye to boring job descriptions.

Your company page and ADITL Profiles will lead informed, qualified and motivated candidates directly to your company’s job listings!

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